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What We Specialize in:


Suspension Repair

We work on all suspension, from control arms to ball joints, struts and shocks, tie rod ends, and stabilizer bar links.​ 

Wheel Alignment

Alignments help reduce tire wear and keep suspension in proper configuration. Computerized alignment machine in house for all your suspension repairs.

Brake Repair

Regular inspections are important for the reliability of brake components. We specialize in brake Rotors, brake pads, calipers, emergency brakes,  brakelines and brake fluid flushes.

Oil Change

Maintaining your oil changes is crucial in the maintenance of keeping your vehicle healthy no matter what the age or kilometers . 

Choose from three packages for your oil change needs.  Semi synthetic and synthetic oils available.

Steering & Batteries

We specialize in power steering repairs including power steering fluid flush, power steering pumps and rack and pinion  steering gear.  Starters, alternators, and battery installation. Electrical diagnosis also available.


Diagnose,  repair and install  exhaust pipes, mufflers and flanges.

Heating and Cooling

Air conditioning and heating diagnosis and repair, including evacuate and recharge, compressors, condensors and heater cores.


Tire repair, sales,  balance and installation. Testing and installation of tire pressure monitoring system.


Motor vehicle inspection station license for passenger and light duty.

Fluid flushes

Changing and flushing your fluids are important to help maintain maintenance on your vehicle.  Transmission, brake, coolant  and differential.

Engine diagnostic and repair

Diagnose  and scan engine  light and components.

Lubrico  Warranty sales and service

Keep your piece of mind when it comes to major car repairs. We have many packages to choose from, no matter year, make , model or kilometers

Here’s What We’ve Been Working On

Timing Chain

Do you have a rattling sound in your engine? Check engine light on? Engine vibration or misfiring engine? These could all be signs of a faulty timing chain/belt. When your engine jumps time the engine can instantly shut down without warning, possibly leaving you stranded. Our experienced technicians can diagnose and repair before severe engine damage occurs.

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